Ready, Set, Gold! is a community health, fitness and social and emotional learning (SEL) program that promotes healthy and active lifestyles to children in Southern California schools. RSG! is a public-private partnership between the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG), The Foundation for Global Sports Development, and several public-school districts. RSG! believes that every student should have equal access to resources that support physical health and academic achievement.



SCCOG is a 501(c)(3) organization that was originally founded in 1939 to bid for opportunities to host the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In order to invest in the Olympic legacy of Southern California, which boasts the largest population of Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the world, SCCOG created RSG! in 2006. Currently RSG! operates in five school districts at 72 schools, boasts a roster of 40 Olympians and Paralympians and serves 8,720 students in-person and 15,000 plus virtually.

Program Overview

Every year, RSG!’s roster of Olympians and Paralympians are matched with participating schools, connecting teachers and students to inspiring athlete mentors.Olympians and Paralympians collaborate with teachers at their placement school to schedule and co-teach five lessons.Each lesson includes a fitness element that is measured on the California FitnessGram, a required annual assessment, and a growth mindset component to support students in setting and achieving academic and fitness goals.RSG! predominately works with students in grades five through nine.


The LA Sports Council is led by a diverse Board of Directors that is INCLUSIVE of prominent sports industry leaders representing teams, leagues, venues, annual events and businesses. By uniting the LA sports industry and beyond, we are a resource for members of the greatest sports community year round.  We believe that a strong and connected sports business community means a strong community across the region.


As the premier Los Angeles sports trade association, the LA Sports Council strives to make a significant IMPACT in the Los Angeles community. Our ongoing programs and events, including the LA Sports Awards, LA Sports Innovation Conference and exclusive Board member engagements, drive awareness and funds to meaningful causes such as Ready, Set, Gold! and other charitable initiatives. With this common goal, the LA Sports Council is fulfilling its commitment to bettering the Los Angeles community and celebrating its successes on and off the field.

Virtual Programming

The RSG! virtual program was developed in response to the emergent needs of distance learning, and has been a game changer for so many young people. The 30-minuteVirtual Ready,Set,Gold!lessons give students the opportunity to exercise with a talented Olympian or Paralympian at home. The virtual curriculum focuses on results-based physical activity conducted without equipment, and SEL topics for teachers to leverage. The fitness portion of the lessons range from endurance and flexibility to balance and strength training, and is developed by Dr. Karen Bloch who led the Sports Medicine and Performance Department for Team USA Water Polo. The thematic units include lessons on goal-setting, perseverance, and leadership –all brought to life by the real personal experiences of RSG!’s Olympic and Paralympic mentors.

History of Ready, Set, Gold!

Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG) is a 501(c)(3) organization that was originally founded in 1939 to bid for opportunities to host the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In order to invest in the Olympic legacy of Southern California – which boasts the largest population of Olympic and Paralympic athletes in the world – SCCOG created the Ready, Set, Gold! program in 2006 with the mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and inspiring, motivating, and educating students about health and fitness as lifelong goals.

Ready, Set, Gold! pairs Olympians and Paralympians with Southern California schools to help students prepare for the FitnessGram, a California state fitness test administered to students in the fifth, seventh, and ninth grades with the goal of encouraging regular physical activity, resulting in healthy lifelong habits.  During the school year, RSG! athletes conduct five visits to their school, sharing their Olympic or Paralympic story and how it shaped them into the champion they are today. The athletes coach students on the different components of the FitnessGram along with growth mindset topics such as goal-setting, perseverance, and resilience – skills that helped them become world-class athletes.​

Ready, Set, Gold! remains the only program of its kind in the country and is scalable and replicable. The program is endorsed by the Los Angeles City Council, LAUSD and LA 2028, and operates under the auspices of the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games.

rsg! impact











"Ready, Set, Gold is awesome. This program helped me get up & be active. It helped me realize how important physical education really is. It was awesome meeting famous olympian David Brinton! This program taught me how to do a proper push up & how to pace myself on the track. Overall, this program really helped and I loved it!"

"I learned that if I put my heart in it I can do anything."

"Wow, have you tried the Ready, Set, Gold program? It helps you stay healthy and fit. Before the program, I could not even do a single push up and now I can do 3. I say that the best was meeting David Brinton a champion of cycling. Another thing is the running. Before I was a running turtle, and now I’m a running cheetah."


Pat Falzone

Calabash Charter Academy

"As always – a GREAT SESSION!  David Brinton is an amazing athlete, coach, and inspirational speaker that relates extremely well with all students."

Jackie Metroka

KIPP LA Prep Middle School

"Thanks for such a wonderful morning.  The kids cannot stop talking about Mr. Mark [Crear]!!!  As short and sweet as the assembly was, I think the impact was great."

Alan O'Hara

Ranchito EL (Principal)

"Thank you for attending our Junior Olympics today.  You added a touch of class to our program.  We are lucky to have you and the RSG program at Ranchito."

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