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The Sports Council is a private, non-profit organization which supports economic and community development through the promotion of spectator sports programs in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, including support of our local teams and the attraction of events to the area.

Dodgers - Red Sox Meet in Historic World Series

We get Boston against Los Angeles in the World Series, the way it used to be the Celtics against the Lakers in all those NBA Finals. But this time, it's Boston against Los Angeles for the first time in baseball history.

Once the Dodgers were the Brooklyn Robins, and the Red Sox played the Robins in the World Series in 1916. But after that the Red Sox never played a Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. It has taken all this time for two of the sport's iconic franchises to meet up in October, the way they will meet up at Fenway on Tuesday night for Game 1.

No small market vs. big market this time. Instead, it's the biggest payroll in baseball this season in Boston against the third biggest in LA.

The Red Sox had the best home-field record in the sport this season. They won 108 games during the regular season and have now beaten the Yankees in four games and the Astros in five this postseason.

The Dodgers — they were 16-26 on May 16 — won 92 games and make it to the World Series in back-to-back years the way Tommy Lasorda's Dodgers did in 1977 and '78.

In Game 1, Clayton Kershaw will get to pitch in Fenway for the first time in his career. Lefthander Chris Sale starts for Boston.

Of course, there are even more storylines than these. In 2004, as the Red Sox were on their way to winning their first World Series since 1918, it was Dave Roberts who produced the most famous stolen base in October history. It came in the bottom of the ninth of Game 4 of the American League Championship Series against the Yankees at Fenway Park, on a night when the Yankees were up a run and three outs away from a sweep.

"It's great for baseball," Roberts said about the World Series matchup. "Two storied franchises going head-to-head. It's going to be great for baseball."

So yeah, we get the best World Series now. One with just about everything except Bird and Magic.

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Tuesday, October 23rd
MLB Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Game 1 5:00 PM 570, 1020 Fox/FS1 Dodgers 
NHL Los Angeles Kings @ Dallas 5:30 PM 790 FSW Kings 
NHL Anaheim Ducks @ Chicago 5:30 PM 830 Prime Ducks 
NBA Los Angeles Clippers @ New Orleans 5:00 AM 570, 1330 Prime Clippers 
Wednesday, October 24th
MLB Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Game 2 5:00 PM 570, 1020 Fox/FS1 Dodgers 
NBA Los Angeles Lakers @ Phoenix 7:00 PM 710, 1330 SpectrumSN Lakers 
Thursday, October 25th
NHL Los Angeles Kings @ Minnesota 5:00 PM 790 FSW Kings 
NBA Denver @ Los Angeles Lakers 7:30 PM 710, 1330 SpecSN Lakers 
Friday, October 26th
NBA Los Angeles Clippers @ Houston 5:00 PM 570, 1330 Prime Clippers 
MLB Boston @ Los Angeles Dodgers Game 3 5:00 PM 570, 1020 Fox/FS1 Dodgers 
NHL San Jose @ Anaheim Ducks 5:00 PM 830 Prime Ducks 
C-MFB Utah @ UCLA 7:30 PM 570 ESPN UCLA 
Saturday, October 27th
C-MFB Arizona State @ USC 12:30 PM 710 ABC USC 
MLB Brewers @ Los Angeles Dodgers Game 4 5:00 PM 570, 1020 Fox/FS1 Dodgers 
Sunday, October 28th
NHL Rangers @ Los Angeles Kings 12:30 PM 790 FSW Kings 
MLS Houston @ Los Angeles Galaxy 1:30 PM 1330 SpectrumSN Galaxy 
MLS LAFC @ K.C. 1:30 PM 710, 980 YouTube TV LAFC 
MLB Boston @ Los Angeles Dodgers Game 5 5:15 PM 570, 1020 Fox/FS1 Dodgers 
Tuesday, October 30th
MLB Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Game 6 5:00 PM 570, 1020 Fox/FS1 Dodgers 
NHL Philadelphia @ Anaheim Ducks 7:00 PM 830 Prime Ducks 
The Los Angeles Sports Council is a non-profit civic organization whose primary purpose is to promote economic development through sports in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.

On behalf of the community, the Sports Council bids against other cities for the right to host major sporting events, often staging or helping to stage events after successful bids.

Founded in 1988, the Sports Council's efforts represent more than $1 billion in overall economic impact for the region and range from NCAA Championships to the Super Bowl, and from the U.S Olympic Trials to the World Cup.

The Council also works in support of each of the area's established sports teams and facilities.

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