88 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, California 92626
Telephone: (714) 708-3247

Fairgrounds (opened 1949)
Seats 8,500

About the Orange County Fair and Exposition Center

Home to the mammoth Orange County Fair since it opened in 1949, the Fairgrounds comprises some 160 acres. Formerly the site of the Santa Ana Air Force Base, the venue hosts the Fair in mid-July and a variety of events all year round.

There are three main performance facilities, led by the 8,500-seat Pacific Amphitheatre, the 6,000-seat Grandstand Arena and the 5,000-seat Arlington Theater. There are four major exhibition halls sized from 14,000 to 36,000 square feet and an expansive grounds.

Quick Facts

The basics:
The Pacific Amphitheatre is used year-round for concerts and other events and seats 8,500. The Grandstand Arena seats 6,000 and the Arlington Theater has 5,000 seats. There are four main exhibition halls on the grounds and additional facilities for equestrian, a carnival and a picnic ground.

Location and parking:
The Fairgrounds is located at the southern end of the Costa Mesa (55) Freeway in central Orange County. It is accessible from the 55 via the Newport exit, or from the San Diego (405) Freeway via the Fairview Road off-ramp.

The Fairgrounds is managed by the Orange County Fair Association; Becky Bailey-Findley, General Manager. Inquiries concerning use of the facilities should be directed to Mark Entner, Director of Events, at (714) 708-3247 or by fax at (714) 641-1783.

Technical information:
The Fairgrounds is a rough rectangle with the two largest exhibition halls in the center, flanking the 300-foot-long "Parade of Products" breezeway. Building 10 is 120 by 300 feet in size and is the largest exhibition hall at 36,000 sq.ft. Building 12 has dimensions of 90 by 240 feet (22,000 sq.ft.).

The other exhibition halls on the site include Building 14 (90 by 200: 18,000 sq.ft.) and Building 17 (11,040 sq.ft.).

The outdoor Pacific Amphitheater, Grandstand Arena and Arlington Theater are all used for performances and have a full complement of stage support facilities. Separate areas are set aside for the Equestrian Center, the Carnival area and a large campground and picnic area.

Agricultural exhibits are showcased in the Centennial Farm (a four- acre working farm!) and the Millennium Barn.

There are up to 8,900 parking spaces available on the site.