North America Lands 2026 World Cup


The joint bid of the United States, Mexico and Canada has won the right to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, beating Morocco in Wednesday's vote.

The "United Bid" was the favourite going into the vote given the infrastructure in place in all three countries. Furthermore, the African continent hosted a World Cup as recently as 2010, whereas the last tournament in North America came in 1994

It will mark the first time three countries host the World Cup together and the first tournament in multiple countries since the 2002 edition in Japan and South Korea.

There will be logistical issues for the 48 teams that compete in the World Cup, with long-haul flights and lengthy travel times perhaps the main concern. Russia solved the issue by hosting the 2018 World Cup almost exclusively on the European side of the nation, but that is not an option with three countries to vie for matches.

Mexico and the United States are World Cup regulars, although the Stars and Stripes failed to qualify for this year's tournament, but Canada has only competed in a single edition, failing to qualify every time since 1986.